A beautiful story was told of Mozart. His last musical composition was his Requiem. After days of illness and the most painful labor, it was finished. His beautiful daughter Emily came into the room just as he was writing in the last notes, and Mozart handed to her the manuscript, saying, “There, my beautiful Emily, it is finished; my Requiem is finished, and I too, I’m finished.”
“Say not so, dear father,” said the gentle Emily, “you seem stronger today.”
“I shall never be well again,” replied her father, “but here, Emily, sit at the piano and play these notes and sing them with the hymns of the sainted mother.”
Emily obeyed, singing with a voice made rich by the tender emotion. Then, when she had finished, she turned from the piano, expecting the approving smile of her father; but she saw only the look of peace on his features and the seal of death. He had gone home on the wings of his own requiem.
Listen when I say, there will be no requiem so sweet to the heart in the last hour of earthly life as the requiem of blessed and hallowed home memories. It will make music in the heart sweeter than the song of angels. May God help us to live at home so sweetly. One of the best rewards will be our children, grandchildren and future generations that followed our example as we built a Christian home where Jesus Christ was the continuously invited guest and His precious Word was our standard and guide. Let’s make home a place where “Laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life.” (1 Timothy 6:19). Let our goals be evident of this fact. The nearest thing to heaven is a Christian Home!